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radical ant originals are now available at and also both of whom have been great at tweeting my work. saatchiart also do prints you can buy directly from them also available at (who have also been tweeting my work too - thank-you all!).

I have also reduced prices here on t-shirts from £18, posters from £29, and LTD edition prints from £39.

As you may have noticed I have started going by my real name - Antony Barron - I will be redoing the site and social media in the next month or so to reflect this. By far the largest proportion of feedback (apart from the kind words about the art and website) was that people wanted to know more about me and my work and how I got here. So I will be doing that - to a degree!

One particular aspect of the launch I would like to point out is the phenomenal response and support from other artists, curators, and the artistic community on twitter, facebook, email and in person - this has been truly humbling - thankyou!




one week on

Well its been over a week since launch so I thought it time for an update.

The site and its associated social media have received a great deal of traffic and exposure - helped partly by the facebook and google ad campaigns but mostly from my friends, family and colleagues, past and present, - thank-you!

Feedback has been fantastic as well - lots of likes and follows and people seem to really like the artwork. There have also been a lot of follows, favourites and good comments from fellow artists on social media and in person - which is really appreciated.

Sales have been a little slow, which is to be expected, but there is at least one potential commission already and my Limited Edition prints have been taken up by the Rippingham Art Gallery which is fantastic.


A real side benefit of the last months work on the site and social media is I have re-engaged with my enthusiasm for the web and technology! So I am more actively pursuing contract work in this area which is great. But what I am looking forward to most is getting on with my art and the ideas that have been formenting while putting all this together!

The one piece of feedback that has given me most pause for thought is for more information about me - obviously I have set this all up behind a persona, partly because I prefer the separation of art from the artist (you can view the art too much through the lens of the person and the assumptions that come with it otherwise). Also the art should be able to stand on its own. This is also because of my old school internet anonymity background - which I understand goes very much against the grain these days!

Thoughts and comments on whether I should provide more information on who I am would be appreciated!

Welcome to the launch of radical ant's original art gallery and webstore!

I am proud to be able to offer a brand new art collection created over the last year for sale on this brand new online venture.

There are over 40 brand new original images which can be purchased as postcards, t-shirts (hand crafted silk screen prints on high quality t-shirts by Black Oak Printing), A5, A3, and A1 glossy or matt posters, and also limited edition art prints (75) with certificates of authenticity (exceptional resolution prints on high quality materials by Omicron).

Please browse the art collections and store - and if you see something you like - please buy it!

Do help with the launch by following and liking on the social media you use. radical ant has a presence on each of the following with different types of content:

Forward a link to any of your friends who may like the art by any other means of communication!

I have uploaded several pages showing breakouts of the detail from the main collection 'a million tiny truths' to give a better representation of what actual A1 images look like and an in close look at the pointillism/stippling technique.

Most importantly this site is for you to commission art directly from the artist. Please request an original piece of art if you like the style and thinking behind the art here - anything from the suggestion of a theme, the rendition of a family photograph or a piece composed from many photographs, sittings or photo shoots.

I hope you like the work you find at :)

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