about radical ant

radical ant is a website setup for you to purchase works of art directly from the artist and to commission them to produce original works for you .

The artist has an interest in the genres and boundaries of art, how meaning and significance are generated in and by works of art, definitions of conformity and non conformity, and originality and intertextuality.

While the artist believes that art should spring from thought, ideas, and intellectual engagement with the world it should not be esoterically divorced from it and should emerge from, be grounded in, and respond to day to day life. Above all this ethos means producing works that are beautiful, powerful, and engaging.

radical ant offers limited edition artwork, posters, postcards and t-shirts for sale and commissioned art and design services from new brand logos through to photograph based portraits. All types of commissions are considered with around 3-6 a year currently produced - details of these services and price lists are available here.

If you like the type of aesthetic and the thinking behind the works on this site and have an idea you would like to be realised or a specific piece of art to be produced then please use the contact form.

the art 

Much of the art available on the site is produced with pen and ink, pastel, and water colour.

The main pen and ink technique used in many of these works is a form of pointillism or stippling. In most instances apparently photo realistic images are made up from a combination of stark graphic slices intermixed with apparently naturalistic shading and textures. These are actually made up from abstract shapes constructed through a stippling technique.

In this sense these images are actually almost purely abstract in one sense and wholly realistic in another and are constructed with and contain elements of comic art, graphic design, naturalism, and abstractionism.

A breakout of the art on this site is available here. radical ant on instagram provides photographs showing the gradual production of the artwork on this site.

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